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pragma solidity ^0.5.4;
import "./ERC1155.sol";
@dev Mintable form of ERC1155
Shows how easy it is to mint new items.
contract ERC1155Mintable is ERC1155 {
bytes4 constant private INTERFACE_SIGNATURE_URI = 0x0e89341c;
// id => creators
mapping (uint256 => address) public creators;
// A nonce to ensure we have a unique id each time we mint.
uint256 public nonce;
modifier creatorOnly(uint256 _id) {
require(creators[_id] == msg.sender);
function supportsInterface(bytes4 _interfaceId)
returns (bool) {
if (_interfaceId == INTERFACE_SIGNATURE_URI) {
return true;
} else {
return super.supportsInterface(_interfaceId);
// Creates a new token type and assings _initialSupply to minter
function create(uint256 _initialSupply, string calldata _uri) external returns(uint256 _id) {
_id = ++nonce;
creators[_id] = msg.sender;
balances[_id][msg.sender] = _initialSupply;
// Transfer event with mint semantic
emit TransferSingle(msg.sender, address(0x0), msg.sender, _id, _initialSupply);
if (bytes(_uri).length > 0)
emit URI(_uri, _id);
// Batch mint tokens. Assign directly to _to[].
function mint(uint256 _id, address[] calldata _to, uint256[] calldata _quantities) external creatorOnly(_id) {
for (uint256 i = 0; i < _to.length; ++i) {
address to = _to[i];
uint256 quantity = _quantities[i];
// Grant the items to the caller
balances[_id][to] = quantity.add(balances[_id][to]);
// Emit the Transfer/Mint event.
// the 0x0 source address implies a mint
// It will also provide the circulating supply info.
emit TransferSingle(msg.sender, address(0x0), to, _id, quantity);
if (to.isContract()) {
require(IERC1155TokenReceiver(to).onERC1155Received(msg.sender, msg.sender, _id, quantity, '') == ERC1155_RECEIVED, "Receiver contract did not accept the transfer.");
function setURI(string calldata _uri, uint256 _id) external creatorOnly(_id) {
emit URI(_uri, _id);