Eagle schematics and layout for the L3D cube
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This repository contains all the hardware files we use to make our cubes. It's organized in two directories for the two sizes of cubes we make, a 8x8x8 cube and a 16x16x16 cube. Each directory includes the eagle files for the baseboard that goes at the bottom of the cube, and the thin LED stick PCBs that hold the LED themselves. The 8x8x8 cube has 64 LED sticks, and the 16x16x16 cube has a whopping 256 LED sticks.

Electrically, the cubes are quite simple. They're based around the popular WS2812B addressable LED and the Spark Core processor. Our BOM has Chinese sources, but you can also source the WS2812B LEDs from any number of sources, such as Adafruit and our friends at Seeed Studios. The other components are a few common passives detailed in the BOM.