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This is a project that lets you blog by making a call from your cell
phone.  The recorded audio from your call, and a transcription appear
as a blog post on your wordpress blog.

This php code lives on a server.  It interfaces with Twilio's API to
let you make a call, record a message, and post the message and an
automated transcription on your blog.

To set it up for yourself, here's what you need to do:

First of all, you'll need a server that has php installed.  That's
probably the hardest part of the whole deal.

Make an account at
When I was writing this, it was free to make the account, and they
give you $30 in call credit, which is a lot of blog posting.

Upload the code to your server and put it in a directory that's
accessible online.

Edit remotePost.class.php:  Change the $wpURL variable to the URL of
your wordpress blog, but keep the 'xmlrpc.php' ending.
change the $uname variable to the name of a user for your blog, and
the $pass variable to that user's password.

If you'd like to change the image displayed on your blog, open up
        voicepost.php and replace the URL in the following line 
$body .= "\"><img class=\"aligncenter\" src=\"\"></a></p>";
with whatever one you chose.

That's it!  There's just one last thing you need to do:
Log in to and, on the account dashboard page, scroll about
halfway down.  There's a box labeled 'Your Trial Sandbox,' and in that
box, there's a phone number, a PIN, and a field labeled 'USES URL'
In that field, put the web address of the directory you placed these
files in, with 'makerecording.php' tacked on to the end (i.e.

sweet!  Now just call the phone numbe on your account page (it's
probably 866.853.6913) and enter the PIN code from your account page.
The software will prompt you to talk.  Hang up whenever you're done,
and the blog post will appear in a minute or two on your site.

Alex Hornstein