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-- Chef-like functionality for Fabric


Fabric is an incredible tool to automate administration of remote machines. As Fabric's function are rather low-level, you'll probably quickly see a need for more high-level functions such as add/remove users and groups, install/upgrade packages, etc.

Cuisine is a small set of functions that sit on top of Fabric, to abstract common administration operations such as file/dir operations, user/group creation, package install/upgrade, making it easier to write portable administration and deployment scripts.

Cuisine's features are:

  • Small, easy to read, a single file API
  • Covers file/dir operations, user/group operations, package operations
  • Text processing and template functions
  • All functions are lazy: they will actually only do things when the change is required.


If you have setuptools you can use easy_install -U cuisine. Otherwise, you can download the source from GitHub and run python install.


If you want more information, you can: