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styles = {
'bold': ['\u001b[1m', '\u001b[22m'],
'italic': ['\u001b[3m', '\u001b[23m'],
'underline': ['\u001b[4m', '\u001b[24m'],
'inverse': ['\u001b[7m', '\u001b[27m'],
'black': ['\u001b[30m', '\u001b[39m'],
'red': ['\u001b[31m', '\u001b[39m'],
'green': ['\u001b[32m', '\u001b[39m'],
'yellow': ['\u001b[33m', '\u001b[39m'],
'blue': ["\u001b[34m", '\u001b[39m'],
'magenta': ['\u001b[35m', '\u001b[39m'],
'cyan': ['\u001b[36m', '\u001b[39m'],
'white': ['\u001b[37m', '\u001b[39m'],
'default': ['\u001b[39m', '\u001b[39m'],
'grey': ['\u001b[90m', '\u001b[39m'],
'bgBlack': ['\u001b[40m', '\u001b[49m'],
'bgRed': ['\u001b[41m', '\u001b[49m'],
'bgGreen': ['\u001b[42m', '\u001b[49m'],
'bgYellow': ['\u001b[43m', '\u001b[49m'],
'bgBlue': ['\u001b[44m', '\u001b[49m'],
'bgMagenta': ['\u001b[45m', '\u001b[49m'],
'bgCyan': ['\u001b[46m', '\u001b[49m'],
'bgWhite': ['\u001b[47m', '\u001b[49m'],
'bgDefault': ['\u001b[49m', '\u001b[49m']
enabled = false
if require('isnode')
tty = require('tty')
enabled = !(process?.env?.NOCOLOR) && tty.isatty(1) && tty.isatty(2)
target = {}
setFunc = (x, y) =>
if enabled
target[x] = (a) => y[0] + a + y[1]
target[x] = (a) => a
for x, y of styles
setFunc(x, y)
module.exports = target
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