A bootable standalone zzstructure editor (or zigzag-based operating system) for the x86
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Ix [n]:
	1) one who is not able satisfactorily to explain what a Hrung is, nor 
	why it should choose to collapse on Betelgeuse Seven
	2) a standalone zigzag implementation for the x86

The build system assumes you have a reasonably new version of gcc, qemu, nasm, 
and sudo, and a reasonably recent cdrtools. qemu and cdrtools are used only in 
'make test', so if you just want to build the kernel, you only need gcc and 
nasm. sudo is used only in 'make install', which you shouldn't do.

The generated kernel image is called 'ixmage.elf'. It is stored in src/. It
is a multiboot-compatible elf-format executable.

Running 'make install' on a system with sudo will rebuild the image and copy it
to /boot. It assumes that you have already modified your grub configuration.


* Several files in this release were taken from or adapted from files from
a previous OS project, Project XANA. This project was licensed under the 
GPL v.2. Some of those files were taken from its parent project, OSD
(also called OCD), by Alexander Panek. That project was under the ZLIB license.
The files from OSD have their own copyright notice. Those files that are unique
to Ix may not contain a notice.

* One file was taken from an excerpt from DJGPP, and parts of another were 
adapted from GRUB. Both projects are licensed under the GPL2. The portions so
indicated were not long enough to constitute a derivative work.

* The file multiboot.h is taken directly from GRUB, with copyright notice intact.

* Some files are taken from bkerndev, Bren's Kernel Development Tutorial. These
files have their ownership notices intact. We are working on replacing all 
the functionality in these files. 

* The current version of ix is always at git://github.com/enkiv2/ix.git

* The current version as of midnight EST is always at 

* The Ix project has a presence on the web at