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Film beat generation
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Generates a Blake Snyder Beat Sheet like those described in "Save the Cat!"

We use several lists from dariusk/corpora: humans/firstNames.json, humans/lastNames.json, humans/occupations.json, archetypes/characters.json, archetypes/events.json, & archetypes/settings.json

The result is an HTML document containing a summary of the A- and B-plots, a dramatis personae, and a filled-in beat sheet.


Each beat corresponds to 3 pages of screenplay, for a 120 page script / 120 minute movie. If I can write a handful of 3-page templates for each beat archetype, a screenplay can actually be produced. I figure that ideally each of these should correspond to a scene, and depending on the delta mood of the scene & whether or not one of the characters in the central conflict is "society" or "nature", we'd use a different template.

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