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Taipan is now a sponsored project.

The Community sponsor will receive access to the laset version of Taipan Community Edition. The free version is release after three months from the release date.

Latest Community Version Download

Date Version
2021-01-28 2.9.498.18

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Taipan - Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

Taipan is an automated web application vulnerability scanner that allows to identify web vulnerabilities in an automatic fashion.

Pro Edition

The Pro edition is a broader project which includes other components, like a web dashboard where you can manage your scans, download a PDF report and a scanner agent to run on specific host. Below are some screenshots of the Taipan Pro Edition dashboard:

If you are interested in trying the full product, you can visit the dedicated web site:

Consultant Edition

We have also created a more affordable version, the Consultant Edition. You can read more at the Taipan web site.

Below you can watch a demonstration video of the Consultant Edition:

Taipan Consultant

Community Edition

We believe that security is a necessity for everyone and it is for this reason that we have decided to release a Community version of the core of our scanner.

The Community version carries the exact same code as the commercial version but without the advanced features. You can use the Community to scan your personal website or for any not commercial purpose.

Below an example of execution:

Using Taipan

Taipan can run on both Windows (natively) and Linux (with mono). To run it in Linux you have to install mono in version >= 4.8.0. For more information on how to use Taipan please refer to the official documentation.

For Windows it is necessary to pre-install .NET 5.0 Runtime.


  • Antonio Parata - Core Developer - s4tan
  • Andrea Gulino - Front End Developer - andreagulino


Taipan is licensed under the Creative Commons.