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j4-dmenu-desktop is a replacement for i3-dmenu-desktop. It's purpose is to find .desktop files and offer you a menu to start an application using dmenu. Since r2.7 j4-dmenu-desktop doesn't require i3wm anymore and should work just fine on about any desktop environment.

You can also execute shell commands using it.

Build requirements

  • Compiler with C++17 support
  • CMake or Meson

Building with Meson:

./ build
cd build
ninja src/j4-dmenu-desktop
sudo meson install

Building with CMake:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

See BUILDING for more info.

Distribution packages

Archlinux Packaging status

The package is provided by the AUR. You can install it with an AUR helper of your choice: j4-dmenu-desktop-git or j4-dmenu-desktop. Else, you may install it manually by invoking the following commands as a regular user. (to build packages from the AUR, the base-devel package group is assumed to be installed)

git clone
cd j4-dmenu-desktop
makepkg -si

or for the latest:

git clone
cd j4-dmenu-desktop-git
makepkg -si


j4-dmenu-desktop is now available in the FreeBSD Ports Collection. A prebuilt package can be installed via

pkg install j4-dmenu-desktop


j4-dmenu-desktop is available in Portage for the amd64 and x86 architectures. You can install it via

echo "x11-misc/j4-dmenu-desktop ~amd64 ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords
emerge --ask x11-misc/j4-dmenu-desktop

The package is also provided by the gentoo-el overlay. You can install it with the following commands as root. (you need to have layman installed and configured)

layman -a gentoo-el
echo "=x11-misc/j4-dmenu-desktop-9999 **" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords
emerge x11-misc/j4-dmenu-desktop


The package is now in the apt repository. You can install it via

sudo apt-get install j4-dmenu-desktop


j4-dmenu-desktop is in Debian stable:

sudo apt install j4-dmenu-desktop

Nix / NixOS

j4-dmenu-desktop is in nixpkgs:

nix-env --install j4-dmenu-desktop
# Or use pkgs attribute of the same name in NixOS configuration


Run j4-dmenu-desktop:


Specify custom dmenu (useful on Wayland, tofi is used as example):

j4-dmenu-desktop --dmenu=tofi

Display 5 entries vertically at once:

j4-dmenu-desktop --dmenu="dmenu -l5"

display binary name alongside name (for example Chromium will become Chromium (/usr/bin/chromium)):

j4-dmenu-desktop --display-binary

Don't display generic names and use alacritty as terminal emulator:

j4-dmenu-desktop --no-generic --term alacritty


I want it to display normal binaries, too, yes?

You can put this in a script file and use it instead of calling j4dd directly:

j4-dmenu-desktop --dmenu="(cat ; (stest -flx $(echo $PATH | tr : ' ') | sort -u)) | dmenu"

Exchanging the cat and (stest ... sort -u) parts will swap the two parts (j4dd's output and the list of binaries).

Get the output into a pipe / launching a program by arbitrary user input


How much faster is it?

% time i3-dmenu-desktop --dmenu="cat"
i3-dmenu-desktop --dmenu="cat"  0.37s user 0.02s system 96% cpu 0.404 total
% time ./j4-dmenu-desktop --dmenu=cat
./j4-dmenu-desktop --dmenu=cat  0.01s user 0.01s system 107% cpu 0.015 total

More than 25 times faster :)