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Blogging and Small business CMS

Pubvana is a re-brand of Open Blog v3 (with added functionality). See Change Log below.


Visit for more information.

  • Latest Stable - composer create-project enlivenapp/pubvana [project folder]
  • Developers - composer create-project --stability dev enlivenapp/pubvana [project folder]

Bug Reports, Feature Requests

Please use the Issues Tracker.

Links Home (Working Example and Live Blog)

Pubvana Addon Store (Themes, Widgets, and other Addons) - Coming Soon

Facebook Page

User Docs

License Notice

Pubvana is released under the MIT Open Source License.

Contributors & Team Members

  • Enliven Applications

Translators & Translations

Translators Wanted!

If you would like to help translate files, please fork this repo and send a PR.

  • French, Indonesian, and Portuguese need updates.

Please include a update under 'Translators' with:

Change Log


  • Update - Better display <title> in admin theme
  • Update - Allow non-language file items to show when using the form builder.


  • Fixed installation error: Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key
  • update widgets (featured post, popular posts, recent posts) to allow responsive images class="img-responsive img-fluid" for Bootstrap 3 & 4 themes
  • Introduced blog post pagination in categories, archives, and general blog post display.
  • Bug Fix - Basic Login Widget displaying Title when user logged in.
  • Bug Fix - Primary Key/Auto_increment didn't happen on widget related tables.
  • Bug Fix - Added Facebook Comment Plugin to Post comments
  • Bug Fix - Archives header showed 'Jan' no matter the month passed to it.
v1.0.0 (First Pubvana Release after Open Blog v3.0.0)
  • Added post and page search capabilities
  • Added sitemap.xml(valid xml output) & robots.txt generator
  • Added Google Analytics tracking
  • Added Contact form (controller)
  • Added date_modified to pages & posts
  • Moved all google services to Google tab in Settings
  • Refactored Open Graph output for pages & posts in <head>
  • Added Twitter meta data output in <head>
  • Added Media Manager (Admin)
  • Added Theme Options Manager (Admin)
  • Modified Settings display of tabs to vertical display
  • Added nestedSortable to Navigation (admin) to add the ability to create dropdowns in main nav
  • Changed comments to Comment System. Added support for Facebook Comment Plugin
  • Admin theme now looks for [group_permission:name]_hdr when showing the title in the admin area.
  • We now count (and can display) how many views a post has. post_count
  • Created Widget system
  • updated Admin dashboard
  • updated /installer/ mcrypt_create_iv() error.
  • Added lang()s to admin dashboard
  • Added Confirm dialog to all remove/delete functions in Admin Dashboard

New Basic Widgets(v1.0.0)

  • HTML - Add arbitrary HTML to your website
  • Login - Simple widget to login to your site
  • Recent Posts - A list of recent blog posts
  • Links - Links to other sites
  • Categories - List of blog categories
  • Archives - List of older posts
  • Featured Post
  • Popular Posts

Widgets above are free and come installed. A store will be created for other widgets to be purchased.


  • Automated Theme & Widget updating (from API)
  • Social login/registering/posting/etc
  • Author: info card/bio blip/etc
  • WP migration to Pubvana

Premium Widgets: Visit

  • Advanced Login
  • Gallery
  • Google Calendar & Maps (Maybe AdSense)
  • YouTube Channel Feed
  • and more...