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[ ] Pagination
[ ] Built-in theme should have a link to the RSS Feed
[ ] Generator tests

[x] Route: `postmarkdown :permalink_format => :slug`</del>
[x] Add info about blog at root to readme</del>
[x] RSpec tests for routes</del>
[x] Support more markdown file extensions, eg. `*.md, *.mkd, *.mdown`</del>
[x] Text for when there's no posts on the index page, eg. 'There are no posts'</del>
[x] Fix pre code blocks</del>
[x] RSpec model tests for author and email</del>
[x] Set default feed title to app name + route path</del>
  [x] For example, `TestApp::Application` with the route `postmarkdown :as => :awesome_blog` would generate the feed title would be 'Test App Awesome Blog'</del>
[x] RSpec acceptance test for pre code blocks (= vs ~)
[x] RSpec tests for the xml feed
[x] 404 for missing post or invalid slug
[x] Add post author to feed
[x] Better example post
[x] Generator automagically figures out who the author is based on git config
[x] Default theme
[x] Config option for using built-in theme
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