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13 lines (12 sloc) 0.794 kb do |s| = 'ywx'
s.version = '0.1.3' = '2012-04-30'
s.summary = "Yahoo Weather API Wrapper"
s.description = "A Ruby Wrapper for the Yahoo Weather API, Updated for 1.9.2"
s.authors = ["Austin Spires", "Walter Korman"] = ''
s.files = %w(CHANGELOG.rdoc examples/demo.rb lib/yahoo-weather/astronomy.rb lib/yahoo-weather/atmosphere.rb lib/yahoo-weather/client.rb lib/yahoo-weather/condition.rb lib/yahoo-weather/forecast.rb lib/yahoo-weather/image.rb lib/yahoo-weather/location.rb lib/yahoo-weather/response.rb lib/yahoo-weather/units.rb lib/yahoo-weather/wind.rb lib/ywx.rb LICENSE Gemfile README.rdoc test/test_api.rb)
s.homepage =
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