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This is the original language development repository for Eno.

Most resources originally developed here have now been migrated to the guide and specification on, where they are presented in a more accessible and even interactive way.

The one thing still happening in this repository is the development and publication of RFCs, see next paragraph.

RFCs for the last remaining unspecified bits

About 95% of Eno (including all fundamental characteristics of the language) have been stable for well over a year now.

This directory holds proposals for the last remaining, not fully specified 5% of the specification, authored in the form of RFCs (request for comments). You are very welcome to comment on the proposals by opening an issue!

The aim of these last RFCs is to eliminate design flaws and oversights, to fix ambiguities and propose changes only where they serve to make the language more readable, predictable and usable to the widest audience possible (as envisioned by the design philosophy and goals of Eno).


A modern plaintext data format, designed from the ground up for file-based content.