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RFC: Explicit Empty

This RFC proposes adding the possibility to omit the Element Operator after a key, thereby explicitly specifying an Empty, an element with a key but no value.

> An empty field/fieldset/list

> An empty

The Empty is useful for representing a switch/flag in a section or document, or e.g. for representing a spacer or placeholder for other content in a sequential, document-oriented eno DSL.

This comes with the additional positive side effect that during writing a line containing a field, fieldset or list, the document stays valid throughout, e.g.:


At each step but the last there is an Empty instead of an invalid line, thereby the document can be fully parsed and a lookup performed on the cursor location, for instance to provide autocomplete suggestions for a key.

Details on type strictness

In order to enforce documents that communicate their intent as well as possible it is also proposed to strictly differentiate between an Empty and an empty Field, i.e. if the user provided this document ...


... and the application expects and validates a Field for 'name' and a List for 'tags', neither of the two above would satisfy that requirement. Neither if the document were ...

heading: My blog post
-- post_body
-- post_body

... and the application were to expect only Empty elements with the key 'spacer', would this satisfy the validation conditions.

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