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RFC: Hybrid fieldsets (revision 1)

This RFC proposes adopting the hybrid usage concept found in sections for fieldsets, allowing them to be used both as simple key-value stores (think attributes of an XML tag, this is already the current fieldset specification) and additionally also as an ordered document structure (think XML tags, consecutive elements whose names can reappear, to store e.g. chronological key-value data).

Right now fieldsets only allow this kind of usage:

debug = no
errors = yes
info = no
warnings = yes

specific_configuration < generic_configuration
debug = yes

src = my_image.png
title = My image

Following this RFC they would also be able to represent this:

ruby-2.5.3 = clean.rb
ruby-2.5.3 = seed.rb
ruby-2.5.3 = tests.rb
npm = compile
shell = ls -ah > files_snapshot.txt

Alice = Hi Bob.
Bob = Hey Alice!
Alice = What's up?
Bob = Not much!


  • More consistency - with this change entries in fieldsets behave like fields in sections
  • More flexibility through more usage patterns, as outlined above


  • More complex APIs - the fieldset APIs need adaptations to support the additional new behavior

  • More complex merging behavior - consider this:

    color = red
    color = green
    foo = bar
    number = one
    settings_2 < settings
    color = blue
    number = two
    number = three

    color and number from settings are discarded, resulting in this resolved fieldset:

    color = blue
    foo = bar
    number = two
    number = three

    (Note that this consideration might be more hypothetical than relevant for actual usecases though)

Usecases wanted!

Whether to write and publish this RFC was not an easy decision, there seems to be fairly balanced reasoning for both adopting and not adopting it, so seeing plausible usecases that justify its adoption would help greatly in making the final decision. Please open an issue if you've encountered scenarios that would benefit from this change if you'd like to help out, thanks!

Revision history

rev1: Replaced the JSON metaphors explaining the merging behavior with actual eno notation to avoid misunderstandings.

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