Node.js Hello World app running on CentOS using docker
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Node.js Hello World

Node.js Hello World on CentOS using docker.


Getting Started

  • Start Ubuntu virtual machine using Vagrant (required to run docker):

    vagrant up
  • SSH into virtual machine:

    vagrant ssh
  • Install dependencies:

    cd /vagrant
    make install
  • Build docker image:

    make build
    # docker build -t gasi/centos-node-hello .
  • Run app:

    make run-container
    # docker run -p 49160:8080 -d gasi/centos-node-hello
  • Install curl:

    sudo apt-get install curl
  • Get mapped port (last column) using, e.g. 49160:

    docker ps
    > # Example
    > ID                  IMAGE                           COMMAND              CREATED             STATUS              PORTS
    > ecce33b30ebf        gasi/centos-node-hello:latest   node /src/index.js   10 seconds ago      Up 9 seconds        49160->8080
  • Test app using the port in previous step, e.g. 49160:

    curl localhost:<port>
    # Example
    # curl localhost:49163

    It should print Hello World to the console.

    If you use Boot2Docker on OS X, the port is actually mapped to the Docker host VM, and you should use the following command:

    curl $(boot2docker ip):<port>


Many thanks to @shykes and @unclejack for their support on IRC as well as the @dotCloud team for docker.