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Enoki Panel (beta)

The Enoki Panel is an ultralight set of tools for creating websites and applications. It’s early in development and runs exclusively in the experimental Beaker Browser as some of the primary concerns the project engages are those of data ownership, archival, and platform mutability.

Consider this a modestly functional sketch. A starting point with clear limitations, leaning on existing and familiar convention to form a foundation for spanning the gap between here and there.


  • nodb: only static files and folders
  • extensible: easily define custom fieldsets and create your own fields
  • simple: built entirely on choo, the cutest front-end framework
  • offline: create and edit your sites offline, sync when reconnecting


  • Clone this repository
  • Open Beaker Browser and create a new site
  • Change the folder to the repository
  • cd source open the source directory
  • npm install install dependencies
  • npm start watch for changes
  • npm build bundle for production

You now have a fully standalone instance of the Enoki Panel free modify however you’d like. I’d suggest if you’d like to receive updates to create a git repository and branch for your changes. Add this repository as a source and merge in changes every once in a while.


For help getting started, managing your sites, and customization, open the Enoki Panel and navigate to HubGuides.