Efficiently find minimal subsets/submaps
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AlanDeniseEricLauren is an implementation of the ADEL algorithm for efficiently finding the minimal subset of an input set satisfying some arbitrary upward-closed property. "Upward-closed" means if the property is true of some set S it is true of all supersets of S. My implementation is trivially extended to maps (dictionaries).

This can be used for e.g. narrowing down bugs by finding the minimal subset of a complex failing test case that still exhibits the issue. In addition, I provide a method for finding the minimal set of changes between a known-good and known-bad example needed to trigger a bug. (Equivalently, a set where the property is false and a set where it's true.)

The ADEL algorithm is due to Philippe Laborie in his paper "An Optimal Iterative Algorithm for Extracting MUCs in a Black-box Constraint Network" published in ECAI 2014. doi:10.3233/978-1-61499-419-0-1051. The paper is available at http://ebooks.iospress.nl/publication/37115.

The project's homepage is https://github.com/enolan/AlanDeniseEricLauren. Bug reports and PRs can be submitted there.

As of August 2016, I am looking for work. If your company needs a good programmer, my email is echo@echonolan.net. My resume is available here.