Installation recipes and image builders for a FedCloud User Interface
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Installation recipes and image builders for a FedCloud User Interface

Check EGI HOWTO 11 for more information.

Linux installation

The script is able to install OCCI-CLI and VOMS with a single command. This script is designed to work under Ubuntu (tested under 12.04 and 14.04) and RH6 derivatives (CentOS/SL).

A short-url provides direct access to the latest version of the script:

    curl -L | sudo /bin/bash -

or (directly as root):

    curl -L | /bin/bash -

The script can also be used as user_data of a VM to turn a basic OS into a FedCloud client.

Mac OS X installation

Installation script also works under Mac OS X, although it has some prerequisites:

  • Homebrew installed (used for installing fetch-crl and voms-clients)
  • Working Ruby>=1.9.3 installation, if not available, check RVM for installation

Once you have those installed, open a terminal and type: curl -L | /bin/bash -

It will ask for your password to gain root privileges to create VOMS configuration files.

Docker image

Included Dockerfile will build an image with rOCCI-cli and VOMS installed and configured with and VOs.

The occi script provides a wrapper around the container and tools which simplifies its usage.


The packer directory contains packer configuration files to build a VM image with the rOCCI client. This image is published in AppDB