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Extension for Ungoogled Chromium that allows easy installation of extensions from Chrome webstore.
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Ungoogled Chromium Extension Installer

This is a simple extension that wraps the gist pasted in this issue in order to make it easy to install a extensions to the Ungoogled Chromium Browser.


To build this extension just run: npm install and npm run build. Or you can download it from the releases section.


  • Download or build the .crx file
  • Follow the instructions in the FAQ of Ungoogled Chromium, but it should be as simple as opening chrome://extensions and drag-and-drop the crx file.


  • Set the flag that allows to prompt for install as covered in the FAQ. Just change chrome://flags/#extension-mime-request-handling to Always prompt for install.

  • Go to the chrome webstore page of the extension (should contain /detail in the path, e.g.

  • This extension registers a contextual menu, so right click in any part of the page and then install extension. It should prompt to request installation.

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