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Basic docker-compose setup for Enonic XP
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Docker image for Enonic XP

This Docker Compose set builds upon the Enonic XP image from enonic/xp-app. To select which version of Enonic XP to use, please specify it in the FROM tag in exp/Dockerfile

This setup also has an apache server in front and a mail server configured for Enonic XP.

Building the service

To build the service, clone this repo

git clone <instance name>
cd <instance name>

To configure the instance automatically, use the script and replace "" with your server hostname. This will configure vhosts for both apache and Enonic XP.


Edit the exp/config/com.enonic.xp.web.vhost.cfg and modify the to point to your application.

Get rid of existing git files and initial config script.

rm -rf .git

Now, build the container set with docker-compose

docker-compose build

Running the application

To run the application, simply run the following command after building the image as described above

$ docker-compose up -d

Redeploy changes

To redeploy changes to in the Enonic XP installation, just redeploy the affected containers ( and not the storage container ).

$ docker-compose build exp apache2
$ docker-compose up --no-deps -d exp apache2


Upgrading XP

Upgrade Enonic xp, build the container set and copy over files

  • First, check the upgrade notes for Enonic XP for the versions between your current version and the one you wan't to use. you can find the latest ones here: []
  • Change the xp-app version number in exp/Dockerfile
  • Then do a docker-compose build to build the new set of containers
  • Redeploy changes as described above

Add data with snapshot

Quite similar to dump/load combo further down, but notice that there are some small differences. Also note that this will not overwrite old content that has same ID as new one.

XPCONTAINER=<your xp container>
XP_SU_PWD=<put your su password here>
PATH_TO_EXPORT=<Export content folder>

docker exec $XPCONTAINER mkdir -p enonic-xp/home/data/export
docker cp $PATH_TO_EXPORT $XPCONTAINER:/enonic-xp/home/data/export/
docker exec $XPCONTAINER /enonic-xp/toolbox/ import -a su:password -t cms-repo:draft:/content -s export_content/content

Upgrading an installation that requires a toolbox dump and load

Sometimes an upgrade requires a toolbox dump and load to fix some changes in the data model. If this is the case the upgrade will be a little different.

  • Make sure you have a working backup of your installation.
  • Do a toolbox dump of the installation.
  • Build your docker containers with docker-compose build.
  • Then instead of redeploying your running containers, delete them all with the command docker-compose rm.
  • Start up a clean Installation with the command docker-compose up -d.
  • Import you old installation with toolbox load command below.

Toolbox dump from container

Dump the container and copy the dump to your local machine

XPCONTAINER=<your xp container>
XP_SU_PWD=<put your su password here>
XP_REPO_TARGET=<repo dump>

mkdir $XP_TMP
docker exec $XPCONTAINER /enonic-xp/toolbox/ dump -a su:$XP_SU_PWD -t $XP_REPO_TARGET
docker cp $XPCONTAINER:/enonic-xp/home/data/dump/$XP_REPO_TARGET $XP_TMP/.

Toolbox dump restore to container

To restore a dump, you need a fresh installation of Enonic XP. If you you have other containers in your setup, please specify the Enonic XP containers when you do the docker-compose rm command.

XPCONTAINER=<your xp container>
XP_REPO_TARGET=<repo dump>

docker-compose rm   # Deletes all containers
docker-compose up -d   # Starts up a fresh set
docker exec $XPCONTAINER mkdir -p enonic-xp/home/data/dump   # Creates the dump directory
docker cp $XP_TMP/$XP_REPO_TARGET $XPCONTAINER:/enonic-xp/home/data/dump/.    # Copies over already dumped repo
docker exec $XPCONTAINER /enonic-xp/toolbox/ load -a su:password -s $XP_REPO_TARGET   # Does a toolbox import of the exported repo

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