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Google Analytics App for Enonic XP

This app extends the administration console by allowing to collect Google Analytics statistics for current page or site.

Here's the documentation for this application:

Releases and Compatibility

App version Required XP version Download
1.10.0 7.3.0 Download
1.9.1 7.0.0 Download
1.9.0 7.0.0 Download
1.8.0 6.8.0 Download
1.7.0 6.8.0 Download
1.6.3 6.8.0 Download
1.6.2 6.8.0 Download
1.6.1 6.8.0 Download
1.6.0 6.8.0 Download
1.5.0 6.7.0 Download
1.4.0 6.6.0 Download
1.3.0 6.4.0 Download
1.2.0 6.3.1 Download
1.1.0 6.3.0 Download

Building and deploying

Build this application from the command line. Go to the root of the project and enter:

./gradlew clean build

To deploy the app, set $XP_HOME environment variable and enter:

./gradlew deploy

Releasing new version

To release a new version of this app, please follow the steps below:

  1. Update version (and possibly xpVersion) in

  2. Compile and deploy to our Maven repository:

    ./gradlew clean build uploadArchives

  3. Update file with new version information and compatibility.

  4. Tag the source code using git tag command (where X.X.X is the released version):

    git tag vX.X.X

  5. Update with the next snapshot version and commit changes.

  6. Push the updated code to GitHub.

    git push origin master --tags