Enonic XP Administration UI.
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Admin UI Library for Enonic XP

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UI framework, that provides Enonic applications with core components and styles.


Place the following dependency in your build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    include 'com.enonic.lib:lib-admin-ui:1.2.0'



Run the following command to build with default options:

./gradlew build


The project will be built in production environment by default. But you can also set it explicitly by passing the env parameter with environment type:

./gradlew build -Penv=dev

There are only two options that are available now:

  • prod
  • dev

Both environments are almost identical, except that building in the development environment will result in creating the DTS files, sourcemaps and other things, critical for the debugging. The build itself may also be a bit slower sometimes.


Sometimes, you may want to build your project faster. To do so, just skip the linting (lint task) and testing (test task):

./gradlew build -x lint -x test

NPM upgrade

In case you want forcefully update all your node dependencies, use:

./gradlew npmInstallForce

Take a note, that you can also use aliases in Gradle, and nIF would be just enough to run npmInstallForce.


Some code and configs are shared across the application. They are moved to the separate repository and published as npm packages.

Common .less styles and mixins can be also found under enonic-admin-artifacts.