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Protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease. This library will let you add the popular reCAPTCHA service to your Enonic XP app.


Lib version XP version
1.0.0 6.0.0
1.0.1 6.0.0
1.1.0 6.1.0
1.1.1 6.2.1
1.1.2 6.2.1


Create your reCAPTCHA API keys on the official reCAPTCHA site. The site key and secret key generated will be used to configure the lib on your site.

Gradle build dependency

dependencies {
    include "com.enonic.lib:recaptcha:1.1.1"

repositories {
    maven {
        url ''


The site.xml for your app needs to be updated with a mixin reference that will add the reCAPTCHA configuration (secret key and site key).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <inline mixin="recaptcha"/>

ReCAPTCHA widget configuration

How the reCAPTCHA widget is displayed can be configured according to the official reCAPTCHA documentation. As an example, the color scheme and size of the widget can be tuned. reCAPTCHA also supports audio CAPTCHA.

Usage example

The part "form" contains a simple usage example, which simply outputs a line of text (did it succeed or not) after submitting the form.

Part controller (/src/resources/parts/my-form/my-form.js)

var portal = require('/lib/xp/portal');
var thymeleaf = require('/lib/xp/thymeleaf');
var recaptcha = require('/lib/enonic/recaptcha');

// Handle GET request
exports.get = handleGet;

// Handle POST request = handlePost;

function handleGet(req) {
    var me = this;

    function renderView() {
        var view = resolve('form.html');
        var model = createModel(req);

        return {
            body: thymeleaf.render(view, model),
            pageContributions: {
                headEnd: [
                    '<script src=""></script>',
                    '<script src=""></script>'

    function createModel(req) {
        var model = {};

        model.recaptchaSiteKey = recaptcha.getSiteKey();
        model.recaptchaIsConfigured = recaptcha.isConfigured();

        // Check for live edit mode (we don't show the captcha in live edit mode)
        model.editMode = req.mode === 'edit';

        // The form post url is this component path
        var component = portal.getComponent();
        model.postUrl = portal.componentUrl({
            component: component.path

        return model;

    return renderView();

function handlePost(req) {

    // Verify the g-recaptcha-response
    var recaptchaVerified = recaptcha.verify(req.params['g-recaptcha-response']);

    return {
        contentType: 'text/json',
        body: {
            recaptchaVerified: recaptchaVerified

Part view (/src/resources/parts/my-form/my-form.html)

<form method="POST" action="" data-th-action="${postUrl}" id="recaptchaForm">
            <input type="text" name="name"/>
        <div data-th-if="${recaptchaIsConfigured and !editMode}" class="g-recaptcha" data-th-attr="data-sitekey=${recaptchaSiteKey}" data-sitekey="124" data-callback="recaptchaCallback" data-expired-callback="recaptchaReset"></div>
        <div data-th-if="${!recaptchaIsConfigured}">Please configure reCAPTCHA</div>
        <input type="submit" value="Submit" id="submit-button"/>

<div id="formResult" style="display: none;"></div>

    // Enables the submit button when CAPTCHA is verified
    function recaptchaCallback() {
        var submitBtn = document.getElementById('submit-button');

    // Resets the CAPTCHA on verification timeout
    function recaptchaReset() {

    $(function() {
        $('#recaptchaForm').submit(function(e) {
            var postData = $(this).serializeArray();
            var formURL = $(this).attr("action");

            // Simple ajax submit with check if recaptcha verified ok or not
                type: "POST",
                url: formURL,
                data: postData,
                success: function(data) {
                    var result;
                    if (data.recaptchaVerified) {
                        result = 'Woohooo, it worked :)';
                    else {
                        result = 'Oh no, try again :(';
                dataType: 'json'