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Webpack Starter for Enonic XP

This starter kit will set up a basic template for your new Enonic app, with support for the Webpack.

See the official documentation for a more detailed guide.


Once initiated, you’ll have the bare minimum needed to create a new Enonic application with Webpack. You’ll have all the folders set up, and can get straight to creating what you’re creating.

The project will support:

  • Code minification;

  • Production and development environments;

  • SASS and Less support;

  • Transpilation of ECMAScript code with Babel (client- and server-side);

  • Transpilation of TypeScript code (client- and server-side).

Create a project

To set up a project locally, simply run the following command:

$ enonic project create -r starter-webpack

Answer the Wizard questions to complete creation of the project.

$ cd <project-folder>

To build and deploy the project:

$ enonic project deploy
Don’t have the Enonic CLI? Visit the Getting started guide to install it.