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Enonic XP

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Welcome to the home of Enonic XP. Here you will find all source code for the product. To get started, please read our docs here:


Before trying to build the project, you need to verify that the following software are installed:

  • Java 11 for building and running.
  • Gradle 6.x build system.
  • Git installed on system.

Build all code and run all tests including integration tests:

gradle build

Build all code skipping all tests:

gradle build -x check

Build all code skipping integration tests:

gradle build -x integrationTest


This project is just the runtime of the Enonic XP platform. In order to run the system properly, please see the xp-distro project that bundles the necessary part together: (


This software is licensed under GPL v3. See LICENSE.txt. Also the distribution includes 3rd party software components. The vast majority of these libraries are licensed under Apache 2.0. For a complete list please read NOTICE.txt.

All our libraries (lib-*) that can be bundled in your own applications are licensed as Apache 2.0. See LICENSE_AL.txt