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Assets 2



  • Exports include timestamps and permissions. (XP-861, XP-920)
  • New command in toolbox: Dump (XP-892)
  • The language property have been added to json content in the Content JavaScript API (XP-881)


  • All 'tools' commands have been rewritten in Java and moved to 'toolbox'. This makes all the commands work on Windows as well. (XP-911, XP-912, XP-913, XP-915, XP-916, XP-917, XP-918)
  • Exports and imports use names instead of file-paths. (XP-947)


  • In exports, isNull was not a legal attribute for numbers. (XP-901)
  • Deleting a snapshot using only before parameter threw an exception. (XP-946)
  • ContentSelector wizard got into a repeating loop, adding double set of values, when working with six or more content (XP-882)