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puppetlabs-rsync manages rsync clients, repositories, and servers as well as providing defines to easily grab data via rsync.

Definition: rsync::get

get files via rsync


$source   - source to copy from
$path     - path to copy to, defaults to $name
$user     - username on remote system
$purge    - if set, rsync will use '--delete'
$exlude   - string to be excluded
$keyfile  - ssh key used to connect to remote host
$timeout  - timeout in seconds, defaults to 900
$execuser - user to run the command (passed to exec)


get files via rsync


$source must be set

Sample Usage:

# get file 'foo' via rsync
rsync::get { '/foo':
  source  => "rsync://${rsyncServer}/repo/foo/",
  require => File['/foo'],

Definition: rsync::server::module

sets up a rsync server


$path           - path to data
$comment        - rsync comment
$motd           - file containing motd info
$read_only      - yes||no, defaults to yes
$write_only     - yes||no, defaults to no
$list           - yes||no, defaults to no
$uid            - uid of rsync server, defaults to 0
$gid            - gid of rsync server, defaults to 0
$incoming_chmod - incoming file mode, defaults to 644
$outgoing_chmod - outgoing file mode, defaults to 644


sets up an rsync server


$path must be set

Sample Usage:

# setup default rsync repository
rsync::server::module{ 'repo':
  path    => $base,
  require => File[$base],
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