Working but not clean python script for converting files to PDF recursively
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Working but not very well written python script for converting files to PDF recursively. I have used it succesfully on a complex folder structure of more than 5000 files on Linux Ubuntu.


This is my very first Python script, but it is working. You can batch convert files with unoconv to PDF format.


You need the following to be installed:

  • Python
  • Libre Office
  • unoconv

How it works

When you start this program with:

python py-unoconv-batch-recursive

without any parameters it will use the folder where it resides as the base folder for the conversion

You can however use:

python /path/to/script/py-unoconv-batch-resursive --in="/path/to/documents"

Default extensions


You can change this by adding:

-ext="doc docx"

Now it will only select these extensions

Generated filenames

The filenames generated are when the file converted is somefile.docx, will become somefile.docx.pdf. This is to avoid that a filename with doc and docx with the same basename in a folder will be overwritten.