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Latex Package for Uni Konstanz Information Engineering and Informatik

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General Info

This package is made for students of Information Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Constance.

It contains useful commands for styling the assignments and generating diagrams and graphs (not yet imported).

University and Department are hardcoded into the package but of course changeable.

This package is still in an early alpha stage while our commands and functions are integrated. So as always use at your own risk.

Feel free to use the Issue feature of Github to request features or give us feedback or send bug reports.

List of Commands

  • \Names
  • \Lecture
  • \Term
  • \exercise
  • \exerciseNumbering
  • \additionalExercise
  • \additionalExerciseNumbering
  • \question
  • \Venn
  • \bigVenn
  • \loadSource
  • \loadJava
  • \loadCpp
  • \correct
  • \wrong


  • \red
  • \blue
  • \green
  • \yellow
  • \darkRed
  • \darkBlue
  • \darkGreen
  • \darkYellow


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License. The licence can be found at


Originally made by Jonas, Stephan, Morix and Manuel in the winter term of 2010, refined throughout numerous assignments and night shifts.

The layout was passed down to us from older fellow students, the origin remains uncertain.

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