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Is related AkismetDrops to Akismet?

There is NO relation between Akismet and AkismetDrops. AkismetDrops just uses the Akismet REST API.

What do I need to start using AkismetDrops?

First thing you need to start using AkismetDrops is an api-key from Akismet.

You can get a free one at

What can I do with AkismetDrops?

AkismetDrops offers four methods to interact with Akismet.

There is one method for each api call in the Akismet REST API, they are the following:

  • isApiKeyValid (verify-key)

    Verifies if the key is valid

  • isThisCommentSpam (comment-check)

    Checks if the comment is spam or not

  • thisCommentShouldBeSpam (submit-spam)

    Notifies to Akismet a comment should be spam even if Akismet did not identified it as spam

  • thisCommentIsFalsePositive (submit-ham)

    Notifies to Akismet a false positive

How can I use AkismetDrops

Take the sources

You can take them from the Source Section.

### Make the apropriate calls in your program

(1) Create the AkismetDrops object

Akismet akismet = new Akismet(apiKey: API_KEY)

There are up to four parameters, but only the apiKey is required.

Akismet akismet = new Akismet(apiKey: API_KEY, blog: BLOG, appName: APP_NAME, appVersion: APP_VERSION)

This four parameters are:

  • apiKey: the api key provided by Akismet
  • blog: the url of your blog or the application using Akismet
  • appName: the name of your application
  • appVersion: the version of your application

(2) The AkismetComment object

This object keeps the information needed to send to Akismet so it can decide if the comment is span or not, only 4 parameters are required, but the result will be more precise if more info is provided. The parameters are the following:

  • blog(required): the url of the service using Akismet (not needed if blog is provided in step 1)

  • user_ip (required): the ip of the user who made the comment

  • user_agent (required): the user-agent of the program the user used to make the comment

  • comment_content (required): the comment itself

  • referrer: the referer header of the user request

  • comment_type: the type of comment ('comment','trackback', 'pingback' or other custom value)

  • comment_author: the name of the user who made the comment

  • comment_author_email: the email of the user who made the comment

  • comment_author_url: the url of the user who made the comment

(3) Verify a comment

Build an AkismetComment object and call isThisCommentSpam

    def commentInfo = [:]
    commentInfo.put(AkismetComment.USER_IP, '195.178.99.xx')
    commentInfo.put(AkismetComment.USER_AGENT, 'Mozilla 4.0')
    commentInfo.put(AkismetComment.COMMENT_CONTENT, 'IS THIS COMMENT SPAM OR NOT???')

    AkismetComment akismetComment = new AkismetComment(commentInfo);

    def result = akismet.isThisCommentSpam(akismetComment)
      println "The comment is SPAM"
    } else {
      println "The comment is NOT SPAM"

(4) Notify Akismet a comment is spam

Build an AkismetComment and call thisCommentShouldBeSpam

    akismetComment."${AkismetComment.COMMENT_CONTENT}" = "Ohhh yesssss this is spam"

(5) Notify Akismet a false positive

Build an AkismetComment and call thisCommentIsFalsePositive

    akismetComment."${AkismetComment.COMMENT_CONTENT}" = "this is not spam"