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Metabase driver for the ClickHouse database
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Metabase (github) driver for the ClickHouse database (github)

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Download Metabase Jar and Run

  1. Download a fairly recent Metabase binary release (jar file) from the Metabase distribution page.
  2. Download the ClickHouse driver jar from this repository's "Releases" page
  3. Create a directory and copy the metabase.jar to it.
  4. In that directory create a sub-directory called plugins.
  5. Copy the ClickHouse driver jar to the plugins directory.
  6. Make sure you are the in the directory where your metabase.jar lives.
  7. Run MB_PLUGINS_DIR=./plugins; java -jar metabase.jar.

Building from Source

Please refer to the extensive documentation available in the Metabase Wiki: Writing A Driver

  1. Clone metabase repository
  2. Clone this repository, and follow the instructions for building the driver. Alternatively, download a pre-release jar.
  3. Copy clickhouse.metabase-driver.jar into your Metabase plugins directory
  4. Start Metabase, e.g. by invoking lein run in your Metabase directory.

If you want to develop simply create a symbolic link from the Metabase modules/drivers directory to the root of the driver directory.

Do the Docker Dance

In an empty directory, create your Dockerfile, e.g. Dockerfile-clickhouse

FROM metabase/metabase-head:latest
ADD /app/plugins/


docker build -f Dockerfile-clickhouse -t foo/metabase-with-clickhouse .


docker run --rm -d=false -p 3000:3000 --name metabase foo/metabase-with-clickhouse

Please refer to the fine Metabase operations manual to find out how to operate a dockerized Metabase with a regular database.


  • Report any issues you encounter during operations
  • Create a pull request, preferably with a test or five
  • See the very useful documentation by the Metabase team: Writing A Driver


The contents of this repository are made available under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (AGPL), see LICENSE. Unless explicitly stated differently in the respective file, all files are Copyright 2018-2019 the metabase-clickhouse-driver contributors.

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