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This project intends to save you time and headaches creating more easily enqueuer plugins. This canonical version can serve as a reference, or a starting point all on its own.

Get it

Clone this $ git clone or download as zip file.

Rename it

Give it a meaningful name. Such as:

Get rid of the useless stuff

Thinking about creating only a publisher? No problem, go ahead and delete everything else. The same applies to every property.

Enqueuer compliance

In order to be enqueuer compatible, a module has to have an entryPoint exported function in its main file and, in its package.json file, it has to have either 'enqueuer' or 'nqr' as keywords.

Install it

Install it $ npm install and install any dependency of yours $ npm i my-dependency


Customize. It's time to do what you want. Be free.

Test it

A linter is setup within this project, keep using it: $ npm run lint. Other than that, you can keep testing it along with enqueuer: $ npm test. To make your life easier and run a bunch of tests at once: $ npm run all

Share it

It's not a mandatory thing. But be nice and help others. :) Publish it to npm: $ npm publish Don't forget to add it to the enqueuer plugins list

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