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Execute Anonymous Batch

Author: Enrico Murru

Read details @

The ID_LIST global variable is of type List<ID> and contains all the IDs provided by the Batch's scope.

Remember to configure a named credential called EXECUTE_ANONYMOUS that points to your instance (and that is logged with a valid session ID).

Example of usage:

String script = 'List<Account> acList = [Select Id, Name From Account Where Id IN :ID_LIST];' 
				+'\nfor(Account acc : acList){'
				+'\n   acc.BillingCity = \'Gnite City\';'
				+'\n update acList;';

String query = 'Select Id From Account Where BillingCity != \'Gnite City\'';

Boolean sendEmailOnFinish = true;

ExecuteAnonymousBatch batch = new ExecuteAnonymousBatch(query, script, sendEmailOnFinish);
Database.executeBatch(batch, 100);

The job sends a completion email with all eventual errors on finish.