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This Tinder bot is a gamechat where girls are challenged to answer 9 questions correctly

My system perform two operations:

  • Hit random likes (200 per day)
  • Answer questions to my matches


Here's my profile photo (I focused on catalan girls, so all the texts are in Catalan):

Basically, I present myself and explain the challenge.

Then, when the bot match with a girl, it sends the first question: Wich is the capital of Sweden?

And when the bot detects the correct answer (Estocolm in Catalan) it sends the next question:

And so on...

Integration with Telegram

I used Telegram bot that inform me of the new girls that complete the quiz:


  • In order to communicate with the Tinder API I used this Python wrapper.
  • The full system was deployed at AWS (Amazon Web Services) under a free tier machine.