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The Enrich API PHP wrapper. Enrich, Search and Verify data from your PHP services.

Copyright 2017 Crisp IM SARL. See LICENSE for copying information.


Install the library with Composer.

Then, import it:

require __DIR__."/vendor/autoload.php";

Construct a new authenticated Enrich client with your user_id and secret_key tokens.

$client = new Enrich();

$client->authenticate("ui_xxxxxx", "sk_xxxxxx");

Then, consume the client eg. to enrich an email address:

$data = $client->enrich->person([
  "email" => "valerian@crisp.chat"


To authenticate against the API, get your tokens (user_id and secret_key).

Then, pass those tokens once when you instanciate the Enrich client as following:

// Make sure to replace 'user_id' and 'secret_key' with your tokens
$client->authenticate("user_id", "secret_key");

Data Discovery

When Enrich doesn't know about a given data point, eg. an email that was never enriched before, it launches a discovery. Discoveries can take a few seconds, and sometimes more than 10 seconds.

This library implements a retry logic with a timeout if the discovery takes too long, or if the item wasn't found.

Thus, you can expect some requests, especially the Enrich requests, to take more time than expected. This is normal, and is not a performance issue on your side, or on our side. Under the hood, when you request a data point (eg. enrich a person given an email) that doesn't yet exist in our databases, the Enrich API returns the HTTP response 201 Created. Then, this library will poll the enrich resource for results, with intervals of a few seconds. The API will return 404 Not Found as the discovery is still processing and no result is yet known at this point. Once a result is found, the API will reply with 200 OK and return discovered data. If the discovery fails and no data can be aggregated for this email, the library aborts the retry after some time (less than 20 seconds), and returns a not_found error.

If a requested data point is already known by the Enrich API, it will be immediately returned, which won't induce any delay.

Resource Methods

This library implements all methods the Enrich API provides. See the API docs for a reference of available methods, as well as how returned data is formatted.

Verify API

Validate an Email

$data = $client->verify->validateEmail([
  "email" => "valerian@crisp.chat"

Enrich API

Enrich a Person

$data = $client->enrich->person([
  "email" => "valerian@crisp.chat"

Enrich a Company

$data = $client->enrich->company([
  "domain" => "crisp.chat"

Enrich a Network

$data = $client->enrich->network([
  "ip" => ""