Paste from clipboard to vim at full speed.
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Paste (or copy) from clipboard at full speed using pbpaste, xclip or xsel.


Use your plugin manager of choice.

  • Vundle
    • Add Bundle 'enricobacis/paste.vim' to .vimrc
    • Run :BundleInstall
  • NeoBundle
    • Add NeoBundle 'enricobacis/paste.vim' to .vimrc
    • Run :NeoBundleInstall
  • vim-plug
    • Add Plug 'enricobacis/paste.vim' to .vimrc
    • Run :PlugInstall


After you have installed the plugin you can use the default mapping


to paste the current content of the clipboard at cursor position.

This is way faster than pasting in normal mode and paste mode.

For symmetry, this plugin also provides the visual mode mapping


which copies the current selection to the system clipboard.


You can disable the default mappings and configure your own:

let g:paste_no_mappings = 1
nnoremap <shortcut> :Paste<CR>
vnoremap <shortcut> :Copy<CR>