Ionic directive for handling native and web link taps
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Ionic directive for handling native (ngCordova) and web link taps

Evaluates platform (Native or Web) and defines the link tap action according to its type. Tested on native Android, native iOS and web app(both iOS and Android).

Tested with the following values:

  • '' open on tap the native Email client, using the native plugin or from a href call from the browser. If the user doesn't have a email client on the phone it will pop up a error message (Native only)
  • 'tel:123123213' uses href of the anchor tab.
  • '' opens inAppbrowser on native or a call to the stock browser on web app


Via bower

bower install ionic-link-tap

install the following cordova plugins

cordova plugin add (inAppBrowser)
cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.dialogs (dialogs)
cordova plugin add (emailComposer)

Inject the directive as a module dependency

  'use strict';
      .module('app', [


As an attribute in an achor tab

<a ionic-link-tap-action="link">link</a>