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Porting to Qt 5.4.1
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3rdparty Porting to Qt 5.4.1
App Porting to Qt 5.4.1
Canvas Porting to Qt 5.4.1
Frames Save and load relative content filePaths. Cleanup paths everywere too.
Shared Porting to Qt 5.4.1
Wordcloud Improved the word list configurability, just a bit
data Modularization of the build system: mobile-ui, no-likeback, no-webcam…
translations Create fotowall_zh_TW.ts
.gitignore Porting to Qt 5.4.1
CMakeLists.txt Add initial CMake support (monolithic, non-mobile build)
GPL_V2 Adding the GPLv2 License and a short note on the readme.
README.markdown Update TODO
fotowall.1 0.9: Cosmetic fixes, last round on win32.
fotowall.desktop The big FotoWall -> Fotowall name change. Also FotoWall.* files (the …
fotowall.icns Cumulative MAC fixes.
fotowall.ico Win32 compile & stuff.
fotowall.png Optimize graphics (didn't save much though..)
fotowall.pri Added Simplified Chinese translation (zh_CN), thanks to Fantix King. Porting to Qt 5.4.1
fotowall.qrc Added Simplified Chinese translation (zh_CN), thanks to Fantix King.
fotowall.rc Win32 compile & stuff.
main.cpp Bump version to 0.98-beta, add the binary translations (may be useful… Update release test script



Fotowall is a creative tool that allows you to layout your photos or pictures in a personal way. You can add pictures, then resize, move, change colors, text, shadows, etc.. Check out the home page and the blog too. Focus is on simplicity, express your creativity! ;-)


Fotowall "REVO" 1.0 (Unreleased):

In progress:

  • Arnaud's Undo/Redo system
  • Wordcloud editor
  • Arrange Contents
  • Text shaking

  • View perspective and rotation (reqby Nicolas Brisset)

  • Crop picture button (reqby Rossana)

Fotowall "Alchimia" 0.9 (2009-12-08):

  • Fast, Solid and Integrated Workflow with Home Screen
  • New Contents: Canvas and Wordcloud
  • Graphics Effects
  • Nested Editors
  • LikeBack feedback system
  • Zoomable canvas
  • Other changes (more than 250 ;-)
    • Autoblend effect for Images
    • SVG export
    • Quick and improved property editors
    • Cursor key movement
    • OpenGL performance tests and auto-tuning
    • Google Images search (by Marco Bavagnoli, reqby. Rossana)
    • Cleanups and Refactors: Selection, Frames, Rendering, Backgrounding, DVD/CD, Print/Export
    • Fixed relative saving (with contents auto-search)
    • Fixed multiple Webcams and bad Colors
    • Fixed the Exact Size modes
    • Fixed licensing

Version 0.8 (2009-09-12):

  • Bezier Shaped Text
  • Pictures: Crop and change Opacity
  • Context-sensitive Top-Bar
  • Window Transparency
  • OpenGL Acceleration
  • Added many User Requested Features
    • add ok button for finalizing the text and just close the tab with X (req. by Rossana)
    • network image loading from http (req. by Rossana)
    • pictures on background: keep ratio in some way (req. by Rossana)
    • same folder when you open the picture (req. by Rossana)
    • Video -> Webcam (req. by Rossana)
    • FotoWall -> Fotowall (req. by Rossana)
  • Merged external Contributions
    • fixes from Georges Dubus (intro overflow and translation) and Andreas Brech (bad accelereators, scale with all corners)
  • Other changes
    • restore the common behavior for rotating (left click)
    • animations with 4.6: top bar, item show/hide, properties show/hide
    • builds with 4.4 (without many features), 4.5 (without animations), 4.6
    • fix: left alignment of some items
    • fix: resizing works only with the bottom right corner. fix the others.

Version 0.7.1 (2009-07-23):

  • Flickr content download
  • Qt 4.6 GFX cuteness and network speed (4.6 highly recommended)
  • Rubberband selection of items
  • Prettified properties dialogs
  • Better load/save (even of network objects)
  • Load additional frames + 1 new frame (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • German translation (by Martin Zimmermann)
  • Check for updates
  • Fixed many bugs

Version 0.6 (2009-04-29):

  • PosteRazor Integration
  • Live Video (Linux only, requires a WebCam)
  • Export Wizard (Wallpaper, Image, PosteRazor, Print)
  • XML file format (will ensure compatibility from now on)
  • Multi-items selection (to move, delete, set properties, ...)
  • All-in-one Scale+Rotate button (different with LMB/RMB and Shift/Ctrl)
  • Perspective Transform
  • Fixed Size mode
  • Sepia Effect
  • Scale Text like Images

Version 0.5 (2009-04-11):

  • CD/DVD Cover composition and printing (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Rich Text (with extended editing)
  • Glow effect (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Properties configurable for all objects [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Usability fixes [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Save to all the supported image formats (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Properties close button [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Improved stacking (fixes + relative to neighbourhoods) [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Add the 'No effect' effect removal option (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • French Introduction translation (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Translation of the Introduction text (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Fall back to QTextDocument where QtWebkit is not available

Version 0.4 (2009-03-29):

  • Windows executable on github
  • Image Effects (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • French Translation (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • German translation [Martin]
  • Apply properties to All

Version 0.3.1 (2009-03-13):

  • builds with Qt 4.4
  • Brazilian translation [Marcio Moraes]
  • Configuration Panel: right click on an image and edit properties
  • More Frame types (default, heart, Plasma backgrounds) [David Eccher]
  • More Image Formats (bmp, tiff, gif, ...) [Superstoned]
  • Reflections, and really cool ones
  • Mirror the photo by clicking on an axis [Alberto Scarpa]
  • DoubleClick on a picture -> set it as background, and vice-versa [Alberto Scarpa]
  • More pretty (plasma icons) and usable (behavior) frame buttons
  • Stacking order [Superstoned]
  • Export a single picture as-you-see-it on disk
  • Fixed-ratio resize: hold CTRL while resizing
  • Visual Help [Alberto Scarpa]
  • Drag&Drop: better behavior and can change a picture inside an existing frame too
  • Pictures stay on-screen

Sharing Ideas

I hope to expand the program as soon as I can, since there is many room for improvement and the code is kept clean and small.

  • You can join the development.. the whole stuff is done with Qt 4.5 or higher using the GraphicsView framework.
  • And if you have any Idea or Suggestion, just drop me a line, on the project homepage or by mail at ;-)

Current Wishlist

  • Make the propeties dialog moveable/stay in the current view (reqby Martin Zimmermann)
  • Integrate Marco Bavagnoli updates on the googleimagedownloader
  • Parametric "Random placement", so the image can not be rotated, for example
  • Change all pictures opacity at the same time (workaround for the 'random placement' that changes opacity too)
  • Font selectable - this is used for title and for frame's text
  • Create a MacOS like screensaver - where polaroids fall on the background over time, one on top of the other (or mixed)
  • Use the Exact size specifying the Pixel size too (carefully choose the other constraint: dpis or print size?)
  • Progress dialog when loading images/{fotowall file made of many} and/or threaded loading
  • Text shaking
  • pop-art: pointel-ize, like krita brushes, using circles of different size
  • add the undo/redo support
  • canvas 'dummy' mode for taking snapshots only (shuts off video, for example)
  • frame text: centered
  • make uninstall
  • transform pictures with a 'magneto tool' (good on grids)
  • collate pictures, like autocollage, but keeping user transformations
    • blend images in one another (reqby Ruud)
  • handle initial load-save after being shown. also evaluate normalized rescaling.
  • frame: add bordercolor-propagating frame
  • svg drawings [balloons, signs, etc..]
  • masked pic
  • both new and old resize&co
  • webcam: on win32
  • webcam: configuration panel
  • templates
    • the template system could even be some auto-generated fotowall file with changing urls.
  • provide some default/example files, also loadable with a short path
    • use a fotowall scene as gui (4 squared load/save/welcome/etc..)
    • scene-in-scene for 'recent files'
    • embedded examples (inside/network)
  • duplicate/clone content
  • real cropping
  • scissors tool
    • real shaping, intersects frame shape
  • integrate with a gimp-like library for effects/graphics ops
  • new graphics effects (like Colorize or Warhol-ize ;-)
    • mosaic effect: from 1 picture to a grid of misaligned pics (needs re-cropping)
  • update the video tutorial (still at 0.2!)
  • add the "color changing stuff" to the picture themselves (req. by Contrast, Superstoned)
  • win: photo dragging from the 'add picture' filedialog (seems harder that it should be. works on linux) (req. by Rossana)
  • auto-placement [force field, shape, collage, etc..]
    • ap: perform rectangular image composition based on an input picture (color, pattern)
    • ap: perform image distribution based on shapes or probability sampling (on a sprayed grayscale canvas)
  • 3d text
    • global illumitation/shading for shadows, frames, 3d text
  • Google-suggest completion (already in, but misplaced when embedded into qgraphicsview)
  • integrate kde-apps knowledgebase (already in, but doesn't work great)
  • scene matrix (global perspective)
  • regional links to web resources
  • missing relicences
    • 3rdparty/richtextedit/richtexteditor*: redo 'cause non free


This Fotowall package provides source code; to make an executable out of the sources you have to know a little about programming or ask one of your friends to do it ;-) Or just grab an 'executable package' from the project homepage.

In Linux/X11, Mac, or Windows, install the latest Qt development packages that you will find on

  • on linux this is tested with Qt 4.4/4.5/4.6-git and GCC 4.0+
  • on windows this is tested witn Qt 4.5.2+ and MSVC Express 2005 and 2008
  • on mac it is tested with Qt 4.5+

Just open a command prompt (win), shell (linux, mac) and go the sources location and issue the followings commands:

  • qmake (or qmake-qt4 if your system is weird)
  • make (or nmake, if you're on windows)
  • make install (on linux)

The executable will be built and you can start enjoying Fotowall! ;-)

Internal: To prepare the folder for release: make distclean; git clean -fdx; rm -fr Makefile data/sources .build .git .gitignore translations/.gitignore examples; qmake; rm -fr Makefile .build Internal: Check dependancies: find .h -maxdepth 1 -exec grep -irH {} ../items/ \;

Old News

2009-03-02 Fotowall is now on GitHub. Development will continue here. Changes are coming soon!

2008-09-03 Peter Upfold put together a great ScreenCast of the application!!

See fot the article and click on the Video link to see the screencast.

2008-08-01 Thanks to everybody that is sending me patches!

I really appreciate that, even if I don't have time right now to check and apply them.. but I'm willing to give everybody the SVN access, so drop me a note if you want to contribute!

2008-04-14 Updated this page including the Wishlist

2008-04-06 Fotowall 0.21 released

Changes in this release are: relicensing and a new program icon

2008-04-06 Imported the project into Google Code

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