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Pictures collage & creativity tool
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3rdparty Testing Android builds
App Improved the word list configurability, just a bit
Canvas Improved the word list configurability, just a bit
Frames Save and load relative content filePaths. Cleanup paths everywere too.
Shared Minor: silence a qmake warning
Wordcloud Improved the word list configurability, just a bit
data Modularization of the build system: mobile-ui, no-likeback, no-webcam…
translations Bump version to 0.98-beta, add the binary translations (may be useful…
.gitignore Begin bezier text item
CMakeLists.txt Add initial CMake support (monolithic, non-mobile build)
GPL_V2 Adding the GPLv2 License and a short note on the readme.
README.markdown Update TODO
fotowall.1 0.9: Cosmetic fixes, last round on win32.
fotowall.desktop The big FotoWall -> Fotowall name change. Also FotoWall.* files (the …
fotowall.icns Cumulative MAC fixes.
fotowall.ico Win32 compile & stuff.
fotowall.png Optimize graphics (didn't save much though..)
fotowall.pri Added Simplified Chinese translation (zh_CN), thanks to Fantix King. Enable the VFW camera on Win32.
fotowall.qrc Added Simplified Chinese translation (zh_CN), thanks to Fantix King.
fotowall.rc Win32 compile & stuff.
main.cpp Bump version to 0.98-beta, add the binary translations (may be useful… Update release test script



Fotowall is a creative tool that allows you to layout your photos or pictures in a personal way. You can add pictures, then resize, move, change colors, text, shadows, etc.. Check out the home page and the blog too. Focus is on simplicity, express your creativity! ;-)


Fotowall "REVO" 1.0 (Unreleased):

In progress:

  • Arnaud's Undo/Redo system
  • Wordcloud editor
  • Arrange Contents
  • Text shaking

  • View perspective and rotation (reqby Nicolas Brisset)

  • Crop picture button (reqby Rossana)

Fotowall "Alchimia" 0.9 (2009-12-08):

  • Fast, Solid and Integrated Workflow with Home Screen
  • New Contents: Canvas and Wordcloud
  • Graphics Effects
  • Nested Editors
  • LikeBack feedback system
  • Zoomable canvas
  • Other changes (more than 250 ;-)
    • Autoblend effect for Images
    • SVG export
    • Quick and improved property editors
    • Cursor key movement
    • OpenGL performance tests and auto-tuning
    • Google Images search (by Marco Bavagnoli, reqby. Rossana)
    • Cleanups and Refactors: Selection, Frames, Rendering, Backgrounding, DVD/CD, Print/Export
    • Fixed relative saving (with contents auto-search)
    • Fixed multiple Webcams and bad Colors
    • Fixed the Exact Size modes
    • Fixed licensing

Version 0.8 (2009-09-12):

  • Bezier Shaped Text
  • Pictures: Crop and change Opacity
  • Context-sensitive Top-Bar
  • Window Transparency
  • OpenGL Acceleration
  • Added many User Requested Features
    • add ok button for finalizing the text and just close the tab with X (req. by Rossana)
    • network image loading from http (req. by Rossana)
    • pictures on background: keep ratio in some way (req. by Rossana)
    • same folder when you open the picture (req. by Rossana)
    • Video -> Webcam (req. by Rossana)
    • FotoWall -> Fotowall (req. by Rossana)
  • Merged external Contributions
    • fixes from Georges Dubus (intro overflow and translation) and Andreas Brech (bad accelereators, scale with all corners)
  • Other changes
    • restore the common behavior for rotating (left click)
    • animations with 4.6: top bar, item show/hide, properties show/hide
    • builds with 4.4 (without many features), 4.5 (without animations), 4.6
    • fix: left alignment of some items
    • fix: resizing works only with the bottom right corner. fix the others.

Version 0.7.1 (2009-07-23):

  • Flickr content download
  • Qt 4.6 GFX cuteness and network speed (4.6 highly recommended)
  • Rubberband selection of items
  • Prettified properties dialogs
  • Better load/save (even of network objects)
  • Load additional frames + 1 new frame (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • German translation (by Martin Zimmermann)
  • Check for updates
  • Fixed many bugs

Version 0.6 (2009-04-29):

  • PosteRazor Integration
  • Live Video (Linux only, requires a WebCam)
  • Export Wizard (Wallpaper, Image, PosteRazor, Print)
  • XML file format (will ensure compatibility from now on)
  • Multi-items selection (to move, delete, set properties, ...)
  • All-in-one Scale+Rotate button (different with LMB/RMB and Shift/Ctrl)
  • Perspective Transform
  • Fixed Size mode
  • Sepia Effect
  • Scale Text like Images

Version 0.5 (2009-04-11):

  • CD/DVD Cover composition and printing (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Rich Text (with extended editing)
  • Glow effect (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Properties configurable for all objects [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Usability fixes [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Save to all the supported image formats (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Properties close button [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Improved stacking (fixes + relative to neighbourhoods) [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Add the 'No effect' effect removal option (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • French Introduction translation (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Translation of the Introduction text (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Fall back to QTextDocument where QtWebkit is not available

Version 0.4 (2009-03-29):

  • Windows executable on github
  • Image Effects (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • French Translation (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • German translation [Martin]
  • Apply properties to All

Version 0.3.1 (2009-03-13):

  • builds with Qt 4.4
  • Brazilian translation [Marcio Moraes]
  • Configuration Panel: right click on an image and edit properties
  • More Frame types (default, heart, Plasma backgrounds) [David Eccher]
  • More Image Formats (bmp, tiff, gif, ...) [Superstoned]
  • Reflections, and really cool ones
  • Mirror the photo by clicking on an axis [Alberto Scarpa]
  • DoubleClick on a picture -> set it as background, and vice-versa [Alberto Scarpa]
  • More pretty (plasma icons) and usable (behavior) frame buttons
  • Stacking order [Superstoned]
  • Export a single picture as-you-see-it on disk
  • Fixed-ratio resize: hold CTRL while resizing
  • Visual Help [Alberto Scarpa]
  • Drag&Drop: better behavior and can change a picture inside an existing frame too
  • Pictures stay on-screen

Sharing Ideas

I hope to expand the program as soon as I can, since there is many room for improvement and the code is kept clean and small.

  • You can join the development.. the whole stuff is done with Qt 4.5 or higher using the GraphicsView framework.
  • And if you have any Idea or Suggestion, just drop me a line, on the project homepage or by mail at ;-)

Current Wishlist

  • Make the propeties dialog moveable/stay in the current view (reqby Martin Zimmermann)
  • Integrate Marco Bavagnoli updates on the googleimagedownloader
  • Parametric "Random placement", so the image can not be rotated, for example
  • Change all pictures opacity at the same time (workaround for the 'random placement' that changes opacity too)
  • Font selectable - this is used for title and for frame's text
  • Create a MacOS like screensaver - where polaroids fall on the background over time, one on top of the other (or mixed)
  • Use the Exact size specifying the Pixel size too (carefully choose the other constraint: dpis or print size?)
  • Progress dialog when loading images/{fotowall file made of many} and/or threaded loading
  • Text shaking
  • pop-art: pointel-ize, like krita brushes, using circles of different size
  • add the undo/redo support
  • canvas 'dummy' mode for taking snapshots only (shuts off video, for example)
  • frame text: centered
  • make uninstall
  • transform pictures with a 'magneto tool' (good on grids)
  • collate pictures, like autocollage, but keeping user transformations
    • blend images in one another (reqby Ruud)
  • handle initial load-save after being shown. also evaluate normalized rescaling.
  • frame: add bordercolor-propagating frame
  • svg drawings [balloons, signs, etc..]
  • masked pic
  • both new and old resize&co
  • webcam: on win32
  • webcam: configuration panel
  • templates
    • the template system could even be some auto-generated fotowall file with changing urls.
  • provide some default/example files, also loadable with a short path
    • use a fotowall scene as gui (4 squared load/save/welcome/etc..)
    • scene-in-scene for 'recent files'
    • embedded examples (inside/network)
  • duplicate/clone content
  • real cropping
  • scissors tool
    • real shaping, intersects frame shape
  • integrate with a gimp-like library for effects/graphics ops
  • new graphics effects (like Colorize or Warhol-ize ;-)
    • mosaic effect: from 1 picture to a grid of misaligned pics (needs re-cropping)
  • update the video tutorial (still at 0.2!)
  • add the "color changing stuff" to the picture themselves (req. by Contrast, Superstoned)
  • win: photo dragging from the 'add picture' filedialog (seems harder that it should be. works on linux) (req. by Rossana)
  • auto-placement [force field, shape, collage, etc..]
    • ap: perform rectangular image composition based on an input picture (color, pattern)
    • ap: perform image distribution based on shapes or probability sampling (on a sprayed grayscale canvas)
  • 3d text
    • global illumitation/shading for shadows, frames, 3d text
  • Google-suggest completion (already in, but misplaced when embedded into qgraphicsview)
  • integrate kde-apps knowledgebase (already in, but doesn't work great)
  • scene matrix (global perspective)
  • regional links to web resources
  • missing relicences
    • 3rdparty/richtextedit/richtexteditor*: redo 'cause non free


This Fotowall package provides source code; to make an executable out of the sources you have to know a little about programming or ask one of your friends to do it ;-) Or just grab an 'executable package' from the project homepage.

In Linux/X11, Mac, or Windows, install the latest Qt development packages that you will find on

  • on linux this is tested with Qt 4.4/4.5/4.6-git and GCC 4.0+
  • on windows this is tested witn Qt 4.5.2+ and MSVC Express 2005 and 2008
  • on mac it is tested with Qt 4.5+

Just open a command prompt (win), shell (linux, mac) and go the sources location and issue the followings commands:

  • qmake (or qmake-qt4 if your system is weird)
  • make (or nmake, if you're on windows)
  • make install (on linux)

The executable will be built and you can start enjoying Fotowall! ;-)

Internal: To prepare the folder for release: make distclean; git clean -fdx; rm -fr Makefile data/sources .build .git .gitignore translations/.gitignore examples; qmake; rm -fr Makefile .build Internal: Check dependancies: find .h -maxdepth 1 -exec grep -irH {} ../items/ \;

Old News

2009-03-02 Fotowall is now on GitHub. Development will continue here. Changes are coming soon!

2008-09-03 Peter Upfold put together a great ScreenCast of the application!!

See fot the article and click on the Video link to see the screencast.

2008-08-01 Thanks to everybody that is sending me patches!

I really appreciate that, even if I don't have time right now to check and apply them.. but I'm willing to give everybody the SVN access, so drop me a note if you want to contribute!

2008-04-14 Updated this page including the Wishlist

2008-04-06 Fotowall 0.21 released

Changes in this release are: relicensing and a new program icon

2008-04-06 Imported the project into Google Code

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