LightTable plugin for F# language
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F# plugin for Light Table

This plugin is an alpha implementation of a F# plugin for the Light Table IDE. It can evaluate the contents of a fsharp file selection.

Installation and Usage

  1. From LightTable's plugin manager, choose the available tab and double-click the "F#" plugin to install it.
  2. fsi (fsharp interactive) should be in your PATH (fsharpi on mono)
  3. Open up a fsharp file, select some code and use ctrl/cmd-enter to eval it.

Example eval of selection


You'll need .NET Framework 4 and FSharp 3.0 installed


The clojurescript / lighttable side started by using the Python plugin as a template.

The CodeMirror file is from CodeMirror



Eval of System.Image with inline result


Eval binding of function and values Mono compatibility


Initial release with eval of selections


Copyright (C) 2014 Enrico Sada

Distributed under the GPLv3, see for the full text.

CodeMirror file 'codemirror/fsharp.js' is under CodeMirror license