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R utilities for working with dates and times
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Utilities for handling dates and times, such as selecting particular days of the week or month, formatting timestamps as required by RSS feeds, or converting timestamp representations of other software (such as 'MATLAB' and 'Excel') to R. The package is lightweight (no dependencies, pure R implementations) and relies only on R's standard classes to represent dates and times ('Date' and 'POSIXt'); it aims to provide efficient implementations, through vectorisation and the use of R's native numeric representations of timestamps where possible.


Installing the package

The latest released version is available from In an R session, just type:

install.packages('datetimeutils', type = 'source',
                 repos = c('', getOption('repos')))

For the latest development version, check out the Git repository and build it. In a shell (e.g. sh or bash):

## first time: cd to directory and ...
$ git clone

## later: cd to directory and ...
$ git pull

## build and install the package
$ R CMD build datetimeutils
$ R CMD INSTALL datetimeutils_0.1-0.tar.gz  ## adjust version number

## optionally check
$ R CMD check datetimeutils_0.1-0.tar.gz    ## adjust version number
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