Utilities on top of ARC2 to easier the development of SW-Web apps
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- Author: enridaga
- Last changes: 2011-04-20
- License: is still to define :(

This project includes PHP classes to easier the development of Semantic Web applications.
All is built on top of ARC2.

* Bucket: a class for easy exploring triples in a functional style syntax. 
* Shape:  a class to map RDF property sets to runtime generated PHP objects (ongoing work)


===How to get a Bucket===
set_include_path('../arc2'. PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path() );
set_include_path('../RDFSand'. PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path() );

include_once 'ARC2.php';
include_once 'ARC2_BucketPlugin.php';
# Get an empty bucket
$eBucket = ARC2::getComponent("BucketPlugin")->getBucket(array());

==Future work (it would be nice...)==
* Bucket:
** Support for simple rules, for instance owl:sameAs resolution

* Support for arrays in subject, property and object filter parameters. Triple matches if at least 1 of the given option is satisfied.
* More efficient filter preparation (added a prepareFilterIri and prepareFilterObject functions)
* The method Bucket::isIRI() now supports the following schemas:
 - http
 - https
 - ftp
 - urn
 - svn
 - svn+ssh
 - doi
 - isbn
 - tel
* Fixed a bug in the Bucket::describe() when the second parameter is 'true'