Dual Thermostat Lovelace Card
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Lovelace Dual Thermostat Card

A custom Lovelace card based on the native thermostat card that allows to control dual thermostats that create separate Heat and Cool entities.

Heat and Cool entities are updated depending on the active thermostat mode. The low point on the Auto mode controls the heat entity and the high point controls the cool entity allowing you to use a single card for both entities.

Example thermostat


  1. Download the repo as a zip or with git clone and copy the /dual-thermostat folder to the /www in your configuration folder.
  2. Configure Lovelace to load the card:
      - url: /local/dual-thermostat/dual-thermostat.js?v=1
        type: js

Available configuration options:

  • entities array
    • cool: The thermostat cooling entity id required
    • heat: The thermostat heating entity id required
  • name string: Override the card name. (Default: Uses the friendly_name attribute of the first climate entity provided)
  • fan_control bool: Show the fan control dropdown (Default: false)
  • min_slider integer: Override the minimum value of the slider (Default: Uses the 'min_temp' attribute provided by the thermostat)
  • max_slider integer: Override the maximum value of the slider (Default: Uses the 'max_temp' attribute provided by the thermostat)

Example usage:

  - type: custom:dual-thermostat
    name: Downstairs
      cool: climate.downstairs_cool
      heat: climate.downstairs_heat
    fan_control: true
    min_slider: 60
    max_slider: 80