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base fork: enriquein/scaffolder
base: 0b879a6c94
head fork: enriquein/scaffolder
compare: eca356a373
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Commits on May 04, 2012
@enriquein Moved types to their own folder. 59e0832
@enriquein Added interface for repository generators. Made Simple.Data implement…
@enriquein Changed the way we check for primary key colums in Simple.Data genera…
@enriquein Added new method to IRepositoryGenetator to get using statements. Imp…
…lemented it.
@enriquein Added Dapper repo generator. Missing inserts and updates. c2c2eb8
@enriquein Fixed compilation errors caused by refactor. b2ba810
@enriquein Implemented Create method in DapperRepositoryGenerator. 9da7339
@enriquein Implemented Save method in DapperRepositoryGenerator. cd7e0af
@enriquein Rewriting repository method templates to improve legibility. 646c00a
Commits on May 05, 2012
@enriquein Cleaned Created method on Dapper's generator. ab30bc7
@enriquein Added ado adapter related properties to Table class. c80096e
@enriquein Added new ado adapter information for both db providers. 7c53f60
@enriquein Added enums to describe available sql providers and repository genera…
@enriquein Added factories to ease the instantiation burden on consuming clients.
I know, I'll probably be the only consuming client.
@enriquein IRepositoryGenerator.GetUsings now takes a Table parameter to include
the AdoAdapter namespace if needed.
@enriquein Cleaned up GetUpdateMethod a bit. b4c6708
@enriquein Refactored Get method. Added ; statement terminators to all sql queries. 834103f
@enriquein Refactored delete method. 063a28d
Commits on May 08, 2012
@enriquein Fix syntax errors in generated dapper code. eb767d4
@enriquein Changed internal class visibility. 466ab43
@enriquein Updated UI code to consume the new API. eca356a
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