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enriquepablo commented Oct 9, 2012

Make a Compiler that takes json and treats the db. KnowledgeBase uses the compiler and does not touch the db; parser produces json.

A rest interface talks json with the kb.

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enriquepablo commented Oct 25, 2012

Divide KnowledgeBase in KnowledgeBase and Compiler.

Compiler parses terms and produces json.

KnowledgeBase consumes json or terms... json for what? just terms text/plain

The client api:

server = KBServer('address')

person = are('person', thing)
john = isa('john', person)
kb1 = import_kb('http://...')

fact1 = fact(john, kb1.loves, who=isa('yoko', person))


Person1 = isa('Person1', person)

fact2 = fact(john, kb1.loves, who=Person1)

resp = server.ask(fact2)

assert( resp[0]['Person1'] == 'yoko' )


enriquepablo commented Oct 27, 2012

not json, ast nodes

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