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Another World Vita

Another World Vita is a port of the classic game Another World for PSVita. Based on the 0.2.1. version created by Gregory Montoir.


Another World, also known as Out of This World in North America and Outer World (アウターワールド Autā Wārudo?) in Japan, is a 1991 cinematic platformer action-adventure game designed by Éric Chahi for Delphine Software. The game tells a story of Lester, a young scientist who, as a result of an experiment gone wrong, finds himself in a dangerous alien world where he is forced to fight for his survival.


A Vita system with Henkaku installed to run homebrew.

Install the vpk file in your Vita

Put the original data files in the folder ux0:app/SOMO00002/DATA

Original files can be downloaded in serveral sites, for example:

#Button configuration

Arrow Keys: move Lester

Left stick: move Lester

X: run/shoot

How to compile

You need the vitasdk installed and SDL libraries to compile this game. I used this commit:

Simply, launch the commnad:



Feel free to create new issues and pull request to enchance this fantastic game.


Gregory Montoir for the PC version.

Eric Chahi, obviously, for making this great game.

Thanks to

Xerpi for the SDL2 port for Vita. (

Cpasjuste for solving some issues of SDL2 port. (

Original version

Original version: