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A console app for the dice game Greed


Greed Dice Game

This game is played in the console by running bin/greed in the root of this project. The rules can be found here

How to start the game

  1. Run bin/greed
  2. Select at least 2 players
  3. If you selected any human players you'll be asked if you want to keep rolling. Just say "y" or "n"


  • Game should keep going if there is a tie for first
  • Make the robot smarter
  • Automatically find players in player directory to make them selectable.
  • Build a rake task to create a skeleton for a player. Allow people to implement their own keep_rolling? algorithm and have them duke it out against each other by simulating the game.


The UI class was taken and modified from Ryan Bates' ruby-warrior

The idea and the DiceSet class credit goes to Edge Case's ruby_koans

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