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Because almost all git tools including GitHub expect the main branch to be
called master and not masterbrew, I am renaming the main branch.
When I originally lol'd at the ingenuity off sticking this reference to the
brewing process in the git internals of the project, I realised it may be a
mistake. These things usually are; stick with conventions unless there's a
good reason not too!
So I apologise…
But it's relatively easy for you to modify your remotes to pull from master
instead of masterbrew, just edit .git/config and change the remote for mxcl.
I ask you take this opportunity to read the contribution guidelines here:
With this many forks I need a clean network diagram in GitX or on GitHub in
order to see what to pull. Also I avoid merge commits in my tree so it's more
readable for everyone. I can't pull cleanly unless your branch is a direct
descendent of mine. So if you don't fast forward your branch I cherry-pick.
Cherry-picking is time consuming, so I'd much rather pull! So I'd appreciate
it if you could keep contributions in a fast forwarded branch. Also
cherry-picking is bad for you. You see how you have two copies of that commit
in your timeline? That's the cherry-pick's fault [1].
Contributions to the core can be merged, I think this is fine. The core
changes and keeping it rebased can be a PITA. I'm just talking about formulae
really. Unless the core contribution is a few lines. Then please keep it fast
Finally Homebrew now has a twitter account:
The mac prefix is not something I want to stick on references to the project
in general. But homebrew was taken on freenode and twitter. So it may become
a regular thing due to circumstance :/
[1] Many people correct this by throwing away the branch that was
cherry-picked. Which makes it an advantage to work in multiple branches
and keep one a perfect clone of mine. Indirect and Josh work this way.