MIT krb5 pwqual plugin using cracklib to check password quality
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* MIT Kerberos 1.9+ with pwqual plugin interface

* cracklib; (optionally) version 2.9+ which provides FascistCheckUser()


1. call 'make' with proper libdir and libexecdir settings; libdir
   must either match this of krb5 installation (e.g. plugins are at
   ${libdir}/krtb5/plugins), or there must be used an absolute path
   to the cracklib plugin later.

   It can me necessary to add '-I/usr/include/et' to CFLAGS because
   krb5 expects <com_err.h> to be in include path which is not the
   case e.g. in RHEL6

2. install it with 'make install' by using same flags as above; you
   can specify DESTDIR to copy files into a snapshot directory.  As a
   result, two new files


   are created

3. load module by adding

           pwqual = {
                  module = cracklib:pwqual/

   to /etc/krb5.conf of the kadmin server and restart this server.

4. test it by trying to set a simple password. 'kadmin.local' and kdc
   logfile will contain the full error message:

   # kadmin.local -q 'cpw test'
   Enter password for principal "test...": abcABC123.
   change_password: it is too simplistic/systematic while changing password...

   Remote clients ('kpasswd', 'kadmin') will see only a generic
   error message and logfile must be checked for the exact reason:

   $ kpasswd test
   Enter new password: abcABC123.
   Password change rejected: Password not changed.
   Unspecified password quality failure while trying to change password.