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pragma solidity >=0.4.24;
import "./ENS.sol";
* A registrar that allocates subdomains to the first person to claim them, but
* expires registrations a fixed period after they're initially claimed.
contract TestRegistrar {
uint constant registrationPeriod = 4 weeks;
ENS public ens;
bytes32 public rootNode;
mapping (bytes32 => uint) public expiryTimes;
* Constructor.
* @param ensAddr The address of the ENS registry.
* @param node The node that this registrar administers.
constructor(ENS ensAddr, bytes32 node) public {
ens = ensAddr;
rootNode = node;
* Register a name that's not currently registered
* @param label The hash of the label to register.
* @param owner The address of the new owner.
function register(bytes32 label, address owner) public {
require(expiryTimes[label] < now);
expiryTimes[label] = now + registrationPeriod;
ens.setSubnodeOwner(rootNode, label, owner);
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